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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Brooklyn Bridge Station - The Deus Ex Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Brooklyn Bridge Station [Sep. 20th, 2005|03:13 pm]
The Deus Ex Community
1. Prod the Junkie on the center platform downstairs for some Zyme.

2. Give Zyme to Lenny in the men's bathroom for a LAM, then prod him to retrieve the Zyme.

3. Ready your pistol. Talk to the drug dealer in the corner. Ask him about the mole people, say you're from UNATCO. When he ends the conversation (Bitch!), be ready to shoot him. Retrieve more Zyme from his corpse.

4. Since you have the maximum amount of LAMS, now would be a good time to use one. Talk to a man named Charlie. You'll find a door around a corner behind him, leading to a hallway littered with debris. Drop a LAM and run to clear the debris, and continue on until you find a pipe with steam coming from it. Jump over the pipe quickly to minimize damage, and turn both spigots. Talk to Charlie again to learn a keypad code and receive extra skillpoints.

5. Upstairs, past the ticket booths to the rear, you'll find a crated multitool. There's a locked panel in the wall nearby, but it's not worth the resources expended to open it, since it contains only the keypad code you've already discovered and a few flares.

6. There's another multitool on the phones near the vending machines on your way to El Rey, as well as a ATM you can hack for a negligible sum of credits.

7. Nearer still to El Rey is some crated Buckshot ammo and a Gas Grenade in the ticket booth.

8. Talk to El Rey for a LAM.

9. Use the Keypad under the sink in the Women's restroom to access the Mole Tunnels.

You Can't Take It (All) With You
Heading into the next map, I chose to bring:

Modded Pistol & Scoped Stealth Pistol with 150 Rounds of 10mm Ammo
Scoped Mini-Crossbow with 52 Tranquilizer Darts, 20 Regular Darts, and 4 Flare Darts
GEP Gun with 20 Rockets, 4 WP Rockets
20 Lockpicks
20 Multitools
10 LAMs
3 Medkits
21 Bioelectric Cells
Riot Prod with 38 Charges
4 EMP Grenades
1 Scramble Grenade
Augmentation Canister - Still can't decide whether to go for Environmental Resistance or Aqualung.
Augmentation Upgrade Canister - Not sure where to apply it: Microfibral Muscle or Speed Enhancement?
5 Vials of Zyme

And now for something completely different...