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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Mole Tunnels - The Deus Ex Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Mole Tunnels [Sep. 20th, 2005|06:16 pm]
The Deus Ex Community
1. Head down the ladder and to the right. Look for the second wooden enclosure on the right near the end of the level. This enclosure should have two cardboard boxes and one crate with a lockpick inside. On the wall behind the boxes is a switch. Push the switch and walk through the door to talk with the terrorist commander. If you can do this without being spotted, you can avoid all combat on this map.

2. Prod the terrorists individually if you want some ammunition and supplies. One terrorist even carries an EMP Grenade!

3. Crawl into the debris near the final NSF Terrorist patrolling with a shotgun near the bathrooms. Next to a LAM which you'll need to deactivate are a medkit, bioelectric cell, and EMP grenade.

4. There's a crated multitool in the unlocked restroom, and the exit is through the locked restroom.

You Can't Take It (All) With You
Heading into the next map, I chose to bring:

Modded Pistol & Scoped Stealth Pistol with 150 Rounds of 10mm Ammo
Scoped Mini-Crossbow with 56 Tranquilizer Darts, 20 Regular Darts, and 4 Flare Darts
GEP Gun with 20 Rockets, 4 WP Rockets
20 Lockpicks
20 Multitools
10 LAMs
4 Medkits
22 Bioelectric Cells
Riot Prod with 26 Charges
6 EMP Grenades
1 Scramble Grenade
Augmentation Canister - Still can't decide whether to go for Environmental Resistance or Aqualung.
Augmentation Upgrade Canister - Not sure where to apply it: Microfibral Muscle or Speed Enhancement?
5 Vials of Zyme

Now we're getting somewhere...