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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Helibase - The Deus Ex Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Helibase [Sep. 20th, 2005|09:17 pm]
The Deus Ex Community
1. Check inside a pipe on the right for an EMP Grenade.

2. When you come to a fork, take the left path. I took out the tripwires using a LAM, which I immediately replenished with a pickup from the previous map.

3. Jump the obstacle. Beware the NSF Terrorist patrolling in this area. Try to drop him where you can easily loot his corpse out of view of any cameras and turrets, because he carries a key to the door beyond. The easiest way to avoid the camera is to run to the right as you enter the small open area.

4. In the platform room, shoot the TNT crate from a distance (outside the once-locked door is best) to destroy the tripwires. Extend another platform using the button on the left wall near the dropoff, and run and jump across.

5. In this next hallway, hug the right wall as you round the corner. Look for another EMP grenade. Deactivate and pocket it.

6.The robots in the next room aren't terribly aware. You might be able to sneak behind one of them long enough to hide in the grotto on the right or make a break for the door. If not, take them out with an EMP grenade.

7. In this small room, there's a medkit behind the large crate, which you should be able to grab - barely - without using the strength augmentation to move it. There's a lockpick atop the smaller crate. Underneath the pipes between the machinery consoles, you'll find a multitool and datacube.

8. Kill the terrorists in this building. One terrorist, located in one of the bathrooms on the bottom floor of the right wing, carries the key to the security room upstairs on the left wing.

9. There's a Bioelectric Cell and lockpick in the desk of one office on the bottom floor of the left wing. The other office contains a multitool and 10mm Ammo. Additionally, you can hack one of the computers to learn a keypad code - 9905 - that will prove useful later on, though it won't be added to your notes.

10. Hack the console in the security room upstairs to disable cameras and turrets, and open any doors it controls. Also, push the switch behind the potted plant in the corner to reveal a hidden room containing (among other things) a LAW, a LAM, darts, and a Range Mod (apply to pistol)

11. Head for the breakroom upstairs on the opposite side. Collect the medkit and lockpick in the secret compartment, and hack the ATM to add to your already absurd supply of credits.

12. There's Assault Ammo crated next to the ambrosia in the lobby.

13. Clear the enemies outside. Use stealth, and don't be afraid to run and hide. Be particularly wary of the terrorist carrying the flamethrower on ground level and the sniper on the platform high above the left wing.

14. Should you wish to collect the crated rocket ammo high on a metal crate to the right rear of the compound (I already had a full supply of rockets), the best method is to drop from the sniper platform above with the speed enhancement augmentation activated to minimize damage.

15. Now it's time to take the elevator up to the airfield.

You Can't Take It (All) With You
Heading into the next map, I chose to bring:

Modded Pistol & Scoped Stealth Pistol with 149 Rounds of 10mm Ammo
Scoped Mini-Crossbow with 59 Tranquilizer Darts, 24 Regular Darts, and 4 Flare Darts
GEP Gun with 20 Rockets, 4 WP Rockets
20 Lockpicks
20 Multitools
10 LAMs
6 Medkits
23 Bioelectric Cells
Riot Prod with 21 Charges
8 EMP Grenades
1 Scramble Grenade
Augmentation Canister - Still can't decide whether to go for Environmental Resistance or Aqualung.
2 Augmentation Upgrade Canisters - Not sure where to apply them.
5 Vials of Zyme

Next Up: Belly of the Beast!

[User Picture]From: makahlua
2006-03-20 09:26 am (UTC)

An alternate for #2

Instead of the LAM, use the aug to get the large crate and drop it right by and not touching the wires, toss one of the small crates over (to get over the top of that pipe with), use the other to get on the large crate and jump over the wires. You can always refill bioenergy when you get to the 747 for free.

Good work on this series of walkthroughs by the way! it's also helping refresh my memory since it's been a while since I played (and I got the urge to recently) ... :)
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