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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Airfield, Hangar, & 747 - The Deus Ex Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Maximizing Resource Acquisition & Limiting Consumption in Deus Ex - Airfield, Hangar, & 747 [Sep. 21st, 2005|09:37 am]
The Deus Ex Community
1. There are five commercial grade security bots on this map. In a pinch, all can be destroyed using the explosive barrels scattered throughout, but between the rocket pickup available (and still unused) on the previous map and another available on the next, you can take them out with the GEP gun with no long-term negative effects on your inventory.

2. Aside from the usual ammunition, you'll find nanokeys for the security towers and the east gate on enemy corpses.

3. To access the security towers, run directly toward them. Try to unlock, open, and enter before being targeted by the turrets. You can disable cameras and turrets from within afterwards. In the towers, you'll find a Recoil Mod (apply to pistol), a GEP Gun, a Gas Grenade, a Sniper Rifle, 10mm Ammo, and Buckshot.

4. There are some wooden crates on the ground next to an explosive barrel in the metal crate maze. Inside is some 10mm Ammo and charges for your Riot Prod.

5. Climb the ladder on the metal crates to the left of the closed gate that you cannot open. Jump into a nearby open crate for a multitool and lockpick, and make a series of jumps from the other side (may be impossible without the Speed Enhancement Augmentation) to enter another metal crate for an accuracy weapon mod. (Since I couldn't apply any more such mods to my pistol, I applied it to my crossbow instead.)

6. Carry an explosive barrel between the trailers next to the boathouse, and explode it to blow the doors open. One trailer contains tranquilizer Darts and 10mm Ammo, and the other contains Sabot shells.

7. There's a chain-link fence next to some metal crates near the level start. Demolish it with a barrel for a clip mod (apply to pistol) and another EMP Grenade.

8. The wooden crates in the boathouse contain a bioelectric cell, a medkit, and buckshot (in the one floating in the water).

9. The lone security tower beyond the eastern gate contains two multitools.

10. Inside the building, there's a dartboard (collect the darts!) on the back wall. A footswitch to the left of the dartboard opens a secret room with ammunition, a key to the upstairs dormitory, and a scope mod (which I applied to my GEP Gun).

11. In the upstairs dormitory, drop a LAM in the exact center of the room, between the four locked footlockers, and run. The single LAM should blow all four at once for a Medkit, the code to the Hangar, a multitool, a bioelectric cell, darts, and a replacement LAM.

12. Input the code into the keypad and enter the hangar.

13. Four items of note in the Hangar: There's an accuracy mod in one trailer and rocket ammunition in the other. An orange-suited worker is selling a recoil modification.

14. In the 747, there's a multitool in the metal crate area downstairs, as well as an Augmentation Canister in a keypad-protected container. You should have learned the code - 9905 - from the hacked computer in the helibase. The key to the back room where Lebedev waits is upstairs, along with some 10mm Ammo. Head back to talk to Lebedev. When Anna Navarre tries to interfere, shoot the bitch.

15. Head back to the helipad next to the airfield elevator to exit the level.

You Can't Take It (All) With You
Heading into the next map, I chose to bring:

Modded Pistol & Scoped Stealth Pistol with 150 Rounds of 10mm Ammo
Modded Mini-Crossbow with 60 Tranquilizer Darts, 31 Regular Darts, and 4 Flare Darts
GEP Gun with 20 Rockets, 4 WP Rockets
20 Lockpicks
20 Multitools
10 LAMs
4 Medkits
17 Bioelectric Cells
Riot Prod with 25 Charges
9 EMP Grenades
1 Scramble Grenade
2 Augmentation Canisters
2 Augmentation Upgrade Canisters - Not sure where to apply them.
5 Vials of Zyme

Next Up: UNATCO!

[User Picture]From: snoebelbloep
2005-10-01 03:02 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I don't comment on these, but I think I know Deus Ex pretty well, so I'd rather spend my time on TNM than reading DX walkthrough ;)

However, I still think it's a cool way to approach a walkthrough, and I'm sure other people would benefit from it if they knew about it... I shall now attempt to plug this a few places. Is there a link to here on Walton's list of DX links on PDX?
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